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The Crossroads church family has been pastored and nurtured in love toward one another. As the result, the church family enjoys being together. But they don't reserve that love and pleasure within a close knit group. They've also been pastored and nurtured to extend that love to everyone who comes into the church. It's a loving church body, but it is not a tight, closed church body. It is open, warm, kind. They/we have a lot of fun together!

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Praise and worship - enjoying the Lord together!

Worship of the Lord during a church serviceEnjoying the Lord together
The Lord joins with friends as they share His word togetherSharing with the children is as important as sharing with adults

Building relationships around God's word.

The pleasures of both time spent together and time spent reaching out to our neighbors and friends.

2013 annual cornroast with the local community and church family2013 cornroast band
Pontooning on the Chain togetherMusic Night - 30Mar14Essential Music Night technical crew
2014 Corn Roast: It's often true that we don't truly realize what we've got until we lose it. Remembering...Love Feast 17Apr142015 Corn Roast grounds2015 Corn Roast food line
2015 Corn Roast very hard working cooks, Joel and Theresa2015 Corn Roast servers Michelle and Kathy2015 Corn Roast pleasing new friend
2015 Corn Roast musicians Bart and Mike2015 Corn Roast musician Bob2015 Corn Roast musician Bill
2015 Corn Roast some fair attendees Spring 2018 ISOM Graduates Autumn 2018 ISOM Graduates
Sept2018 Men's Retreat - the whole crew Sept2018 Men's Retreat - Dueling Photographers Sept2018 Men's Retreat - lunch at a local diner
Sept2018 Men's Retreat - Minstrel Mike, Darrell, others Sept2018 Men's Retreat - more of the guys Sept2018 Men's Retreat - small subgroup including some from Hispanic church


Phone: 920.725.1292
Fax: 920.725.1339

Mailing address/location:
1209 London Street
Menasha, WI 54952

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Crossroads Foursquare Church

"The mission of Crossroads Foursquare Church is to fulfill the great commission by
                                  recognizing the godly authority that has been given to us to make
                                                        disciples of all nations."

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