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Introducing Crossroads Foursquare Church
International School of Ministry Training Courses

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The International School of Ministry (ISOM) is a discipleship and leadership training tool produced by Good Shepherd Ministries International. Over the past decade, ISOM has become the world's largest video Bible school. It is designed with the primary objective of enabling local pastors around the globe to turn their churches into ministry training centers.

The strength of ISOM is its faculty. A few of the better known names who teach on the ISOM include: Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, John Bevere, T.L. Osborn, Reinhard Bonnke, A.R. Bernard, Ray Comfort, Marilyn Hickey, Willie George, and Brian Houston.

The ISOM consists of high quality video teachings recorded specifically for the ISOM project. These were captured from dynamic, wisdom-filled ministers, who impart their life messages from a position of under- standing and experience. Some of the world's most respected teachers were chosen to participate. The main criteria used for requesting a teacher's involvement were integrity, passion, anointing, sound doctrine, ministry fruitfulness, and global vision.

The ISOM is an international tool. It currently consists of 160 sessions of video curriculum; student workbooks that match the video lessons are available. A key aim of ISOM is to provide training in the mother tongue of each nation. Because of the unique bilingual format of the ISOM recordings (English and the live interpreted language), the material is able to be easily translated and is now available in over 70 of the world's major languages. From Mandarin Chinese to Peruvian Quechua, ISOM can span the globe with uniformity and cultural sensitivity.

Locations of ISOM schools span the spectrum from US based mega-churches to refugee camps in Africa. ISOM is truly a global equipping tool.

(Taken from the ISOM Overview Catalogue)

The ISOM curriculum begins with 5 trimesters of study. Each trimester consists of several classes, and, at the conclusion of the 5th trimester, one can apply for an associate degree. Each trimester is 32 or 33 sessions long. Following is a list of classes in each of the trimesters.

Trimester 1 – Foundations of the Faith, Supernatural Living, New Testament Survey, Praise and Worship, and Fear of the Lord.

Trimester 2 – Power of Prayer, Ministry of Helps, Old Testament Survey, Essence of the Gospel, Jesus, Our Healer Today, and Living by Faith.

Trimester 3 – Introduction, Church-Based Training, Cell Groups, Power Evangelism, Leader's Integrity, Leadership Vision, Church Planting in Teams, Being Led by the Spirit, Promise Keeper, and Altar Call.

Trimester 4 – Wilderness Mentalities, Developing Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Reconciliation, Personal Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare, Authority and Forgiveness, and Spiritual Breakthrough.

Trimester 5 – Christ Connection, Living to Give, Biblical Eldership, Reaching a New Generation, Managing for Tomorrow, and Ministering to Youth.

After these trimesters are completed, it is possible to continue on and receive a bachelor's or master's degree. The ending is up to you!

We are pleased to be able to offer such quality education here at Crossroads, and are looking forward to partnering with you as you grow in Christ.

If you are interested in attending ISOM classes, please contact the interim administrator, Beth Norton, at 920-358-4048, or Classes will be held at Crossroads. Day-of-the-week time will be determined by the students who enroll. For those already attending a trimester, subsequent trimesters will begin as needed. Initial trimesters will also begin as new students enroll. The cost of each trimester per student: associate classes are $75.00, and bachelor's classes are $110.00.

If you would prefer, or are unable to attend the classes in person, there is an option to complete these courses at home, online. Please see Beth for further information on this.

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