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Sermon Downloads

Copyright 2014-2017 by Crossroads Foursquare Church. All rights reserved.

Our sermons are available here, below, for free listening and downloading. Please click and enjoy. They are in mp3 format. We try to keep about three months of sermons available. Occasionally, you might need to nudge the graph button to get beyond announcements.

To download a sermon (Windows), right-click its date/link and select "Save Link As..."

Click thumbnails to view larger images.

If our audio files are not supported on your computer, the following links, below, provide the most common platform based solutions.

Download free Quicktime player for Windows OS (mp3).

Download free Windows function Quicktime plugin for Mac OS (wma).

Download free Windows Media Player for Windows OS (wma).

Download free OPlayer HD Lite from iTunes for iOS based devices (wma, etc.)

12 March 2017 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
26 February 2017 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)
12 February 2017 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)
5 February 2017 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
22 Jan 2017 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)
15 Jan 2017 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
8 Jan 2017 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
18 Dec 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
4 Dec 2016 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
27 Nov 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
20 Nov 2016 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
13 Nov 2016 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)

5 Nov 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon - no recording.

29 Oct 2016 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
22 Oct 2016 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)
15 Oct 2016 - Ev. Omar Bartolomei Qinestre (mp3)
1 Oct 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)

17 September 2016 - No recording.

10 Sept 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
3 Sept 2016 - Pastora Aglae Morales (mp3)
27 Aug. 2016 - Pastor Jose Leon (mp3)
6 Aug. 2016 - Pastor Julio Reyes (mp3)






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Crossroads Foursquare Church

"Crossroads Foursquare Church is committed to be a fellowship of people who walk alongside
                               one another in grace and encouragement toward a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ."

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