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ISOM update from Berin Filifillan (edited)

American Sign Language Recordings Finished

After more than five years of work, we finally are near to completing the entire 160 teaching sessions of ISOM in American Sign Language. As far as we know, this will be the first Bible College of its type for the hearing impaired, whom we consider to be an unreached people group. Please pray as we actively begin to promote the school into this strategic community.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, and Burundi on Fire for ISOM Training

Finally, I wanted to highlight the fruit of just ONE of our Regional Centers. The following report came in from Burning Bush Ministries (BBMI):

Since the launch just seven years ago of our partnership between Burning Bush and ISOM, we have been blessed to see nearly 1,100 Pastors, Teachers, Elders, and Leaders added to the kingdom of God. In April 2017, BBMI graduated 10 of our ISOM schools in the countries of Burundi and Kenya.

In May 2017, BBMI's East Africa Director traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and began training facilitators. He initiated a school of 20 pastors and leaders in the city of Uvira near the Burundi border. Also, Dr. Faircloth traveled to Ethiopia to continue training facilitators for the work of BBMI/ISOM. In the town of Jumma, two schools with 45 students were launched.

The second city visited was called Awassa. Six months ago, in Awassa, Dr. Faircloth and our Ethiopian director trained 16 facilitators. There are now 10 schools with 216 students beginning their second trimester! New classes are starting their first trimester totaling another 250 students. By the great grace of God, Ethiopia will have over 1,000 students enrolled in the ISOM by the year 2018!

Student Feedback
International School of Ministry Training Courses

I started [attending] ISOM in August just with a desire to learn more about God's Word. I have been pastoring for the last 26 years. I study God's Word a lot. I thought that I knew God's Word pretty well, but since I started ISOM there are more things in God's Word that I never had seen. It's really an eye opener.

Since [I started attending the] school, my church has seen an increase in members receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I recommend ISOM to any believer who desires to grow in the knowledge of God's Word and wants a closer fellowship with the Lord.

John Duprey

What does ISOM mean to me?

I wasn't sure of what I was getting into when I signed up to take the ISOM classes. I prayed over it and felt the Lord prompting me to become involved. I can't begin to explain how much these classes have touched my heart and mind. I am learning so much about the Bible and what we believe in. I have found myself growing spiritually by leaps and bounds.

I think that everyone should take these classes, [which] would help to answer questions they may have about God and our Chsistian beliefs. I am becoming closer to the other participants taking the class. I reallly enjoy the discussion sessions, and, if I have any questions about a topic, I know that the leader/facilitator will go out of her way to answer them. I am so thankful to God and the leaders in our church that we have been blessed to have such a special opportunity to learn how to love on the Lord and each other.

Kathy Patschke
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